Introduction to this blog

For a number of years now, I have been very interested in the concept of video hyperlinking.
I have a research background in audiovisual access and working as a research manager at one of the largest audiovisual archives in Europe, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

We are very familiar with the concept of hyperlinks in text and we all agree that this is a powerful concept. In the context of my audiovisual background, I have been wondering for long if we could do something similar for the audiovisual domain. Creating video hyperlinks manually may be feasible to some extent but would typically take much more effort than it would in the textual domain. The holy grail would be to do video hyperlinking automatically. This means that an automatic process would select clips within a video that would be good starting points for links. We refer to these starting points as anchors. And also, that the automatic process searches for and selects relevant clips in other videos based on a given anchor. If automatic video hyperlinking would be possible, it allows end-users of video content to explore massive quantities of locally archived or distributed video content via these video hyperlinks. Potentially, this would boost the accessibility of video archives enormously and increase the possibilities for end-users to engage with footage in the long tail of video archives.

Since a number of years I have been participating in research and benchmark evaluations in the domain of video hyperlinking. Given the potential of video hyperlinking and the growing interest in research and industry in the topic, I thought it is time to start a blog on Video Hyperlinking in R&D and Industry to spread the word, induce discussions on the various research topics related to it and explore its opportunities.

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